Dee – November 2014

” We have enjoyed the swimming lessons with you, the ones at Mooikloof being our favourites 🙂

Thank you for helping the girls become better swimmers and more water confident. “

TB – June 2014

“ Michael will be swimming at school from next month. I would like to thank you all for all you have done for him while he was with you, it really is an amazing swimming school and he has improved immensely. “

LD – June 2014

“ I have thoroughly enjoyed watching my boys fabulous progress with your teachers, especially Bronwyn! She is an absolute gem and so good at what she does!

Thank you so much! “

TB – February 2014

” I wish to thank Learn to Swim for the valuable swimming lessons I enjoyed. You’ve certainly taken out the fear of water that I had in me “

MK – October 2013

” I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for teaching my boys. Aidan has shown a marked improvement in his confidence in the water (which was seriously lacking before he attended Swimming Stars) – all he wants to do now is swim! The stroke correction guidance that Bryce received has helped him improve overall, and he swims for his school’s A team – where he’s one of the top 3 swimmers in his age group in 3 strokes (breast, fly and back)! Callum… Well, Callum is just Callum and we’ll have to see what the future holds regarding his swimming career. And I think Quinn just might follow in Bryce’s ‘wake’- if I can just get him to stop being so cheeky and get him to realise that he’s not the boss of everybody in the whole wide world!

I will not hesitate to recommend Swimming Stars to anyone interested in a swimming school for their children.

Thank you!

And kind regards “

TB – February 2013

”Dear Superstar team

Thank you for an awesome, fun gala! We never had galas where I grew up, so this was a first for me as well as the kids!!

It was really an amazing event. All of you worked so hard, before today, as well as today. Thank you for a great afternoon!!

Warm Regards

Marike – November 2014

”Dear Reowna and Miriam

Thank you for a fantastic gala on Saturday. It gave all the children a lot of confidence and Chloe and Ryan certainly enjoyed it and proudly showed their medals to their friends!

I just wanted to check on the 2014 account for Chloe and Ryan:
Am I settled up for the year, or do I need to make 1 last payment in this month?

Have a lovely day.

Best regards

Hayley – November 2014

”Hi Miriam and Reowna

PS: Well done and congrats to you guys for organising such an brilliant event!

PPS: How cute is Ryk??